Easy Fold is a new generation of compact fan folding machine which ha been created
for folding labels and tickets without sprocket holes and gears. The folding register is electronically controlled using label gap or print mark sensor reader. The finished product is neatly stacked on a programmable stacking table. Can handle up to 13” web.

Easy Fold 330mm 13"Easy Fold 330mm 13"
web width rangemm 65 / 330 (option 40)
web width330
paper weight70 / 300 g/m
min fold sizemm 149,225 / Z = 47
max fold size mm 381,000 / Z = 120
speedpieghe/h folds/h plis/h/ 50 m/min
dimension WxDxH without unwindercm 74 x 90 x 135
Machine weight Kg. 200
power requirements230 V - 50 Hz mono phase
Core Size for Unwind mm 76 / 3”
LCD touch screen7"
Electronic change size systemGap reader sensor suitable for die-cut labels, Electronic change size system with fold length in Z or mm
Print markGap reader sensor suitable for die-cut labels
max roll weight Kg 60
Power Consumption 1 kW
Power Consumption 1 kW
Power Requirements230 V - 50 Hz mono phase
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