Sermar 330mm 13" Unwinder Model UW-330-SB

This flexible tension-free unwinder can be installed online with punching systems, ink-jet equipment, sheeters, fan folders. The standard version can be customized according to your needs. Loup controlled by sensors (vacuum unit with traction motor: option)

Unwind Tension Free 330mmUnwind Tension Free 330mm 13"
Roll Shaft pneumatic expansion 76mm 3"
splicing BlockSplit plate with pneumatic blocks
Max Roll Diametermm 1000 (40”)
Max working widthmm 330 (13”)
Material weight range 50/300 g/m
Max Speed100 m/min 350 fpm
Power requirements Unwind 330mm 13" 230 V / 50 Hz
Weight Unwind Standkg. 350 775 Lbs
Size of Unwind StandDimensions: cm 120 x 80 x 110 h
Roll End SensorRoll End Sensor
Loup controlled by sensorsLoup controlled by sensors