Punching Machine Lids & IML

Lid & IML punching machine produces automatically various lids and IMLs from printed or unprinted flexible packaging materials. The lids and IMLs produced by these machines are used for containers, bottles, cup,s and etc. of food and drink such as yogurt, milk, cheese, juice, tea, coffee, instant noodle, water, beer and etc.

Working WidthMax. 700mm 27.56 "
Unwind Diameter600mm 23.62"
Rewind Diameter600mm 23.62"
Output of productsMax. 200 strokes/min.
ID Core on Unwind76mm 3.00"
ID Core on Rewind76mm 3.00'
ApplicationLid & IML punching machine, Cone sleeve punching machine, Paper cup punching machine, Perforating machine, Sheet cutting machine for flexible packaging industry.
Control systemServo motor, Tension controller, Powder brake, Mark sensor, Photo Sensor, Touch screen consol, Edge Position Controller(IML punching machine only)
MaterialsAluminium, Paper, PE, PP, PET and Laminated
Material Thickness30 micron ~ 200 micron
Operation SpeedMax. 200 strokes/min.
Source of Electricity 220V / 60HZ / 3PHASE
Air Supply 3kgf/cm² (2.94 bar)
Control Console Touch Screen Console
Dimension 1,178mm(W) x 1,730mm(H) x 2,222mm(L)
Weight 1,440kg
Mark Sensor(SICK / GERMANY