Punching Machine Cartons Lids & IML

The flexible packaging material producers from all over the world are now producing various lids, labels,
in-mold labels and easy-open packages for yogurt, cheese, cup noodle, coffee, water, juice, tea, beer,
sauce, ice cream, dry milk, detergent, lens blister, medicine, paint, oil and etc. by converting machines
made by PACKERS Co., Ltd.

Working WidthModel SW-300 11.50"
Unwind DiameterMax. 500mm 19.69"
Rewind DiameterMax. 500mm 19.69"
Output of products 200 strokes/min.
ID Core on Unwind76mm 3"
ID Core on Rewind76mm 3"
ApplicationLids & IML, cartons
Control systemServo motor, Tension controller, Powder brake, Mark sensor, Photo Sensor, Touch screen consol, Edge Position Controller(IML punching machine only)
MaterialsAluminium, Paper, PE, PP, PET and Laminated or coated one
Punching & EmbossingPunching & Embossing
Material Thickness30 micron ~ 200 micron
Operation Speed 200 strokes/min
Source of Electricity: 220V / 60HZ / 3PHASE
Air Supply3kgf/cm² (2.94 bar)
Control ConsoleTouch Screen Console
Dimension1,042mm(W) x 1,730mm(H) x 1,709mm(L
Weight 1,210kg
Mark Sensor(SICK / GERMANY)