Perforating machine makes a perforated line on the flexible packaging films so that consumers can open easily the packages for powder products such as coffee, tea, dry milk, medicine and etc. This machine is a mechanical perforating structure not laser perforating. So it makes reasonable price and safety operating than laser perforating machines. This machine also can install hole making unit to make holes on flexible packaging materials and a slitting unit to cut the edge of the laminated one.

Working Width700mm 27.50 "
Unwind Diameter700mm 27.50"
Rewind Diameter700mm 27.50"
Output of products800 ~ 1,000m / hour
ID Core on Unwind76 mm 3"
ID Core on Rewind76mm 3."
ApplicationPerforating machine PET, PP, PE, etc.
Control systemServo motor, Tension controller system, Powder brake, Powder clutch, Edge position control system, Mark sensor, Photo sensor, Touch screen consol
MaterialsPET, PP, PE laminates
Material Thickness30 micron ~ 200 micron
Operation Speed800 ~ 1,000m / hour
Source of Electricity: 220V / 60HZ / 3PHASE
Air Supply3kgf/cm² (2.94 bar)
Control ConsoleControl Console
Mark SensorSick Germany