The machine is conceived to protect the printed matters after offset, digital and flexographic printing. It mainly uses UV paints or water-based acrylic paints according to the demand.
It is an ‘All in one unit including the varnishing machine and the oven. Its overall dimensions are really contained. The machine has two tanks: one contains the paint and the other one contains the detergent product, which allows obtaining a quick washing of the rollers once the work is finished. It is also equipped with two levers for the rapid removal
of the spreading rollers. The rotation speed is adjusted by an electronic system. For the automatic feeding, the ODYSSEY can be connected to all modular feeders
of our production:
Atlantis art. 858, Predator art. 855, FR 52 art. 854, AiR 52. art. 862
For high production, our Stacker art. 865 high piles can be connected to the exit. The production ranges from 4000 to 6000 copies/hour according to the quantity
of paint to be smeared on the printed matter.ODYSSEY is also available in the version with varnish applicator and without an oven,
art 870, for being connected to UV or IR dryers according to the need

Cut Sheet Finishing Width MM520 mm 20.47 inch
Cut Sheet Finishing Working Table Format680 x 600 mm / 26.77 x 23.62"
Cut Sheet Finishing UV Lamp700 watt
Cut sheet Finishing Max Work Speed50 m/min 164 ft per min
Cut Sheet Finishing Varnish Tank51
Cut Sheet Finishing Washing Tank Capacity51
Cut sheet Finishing Frequency 50/60 Hz60 hz USA
Cut sheet Finishing option Feedersmod. Atlantis mod. Predator mod. Air 52 mod. FR52 mod. Stacker 52
Cut sheet Finishing Transport Packing dimensions and gross weight are the following:length 163 cm width 122 cm high 145 cm Gross weight 550 Kg
Cut sheet Finishing Power supply dataTension 380 V - 3f + N Frequency 50/60 Hz Absorbed power 8 Kw