Metas CF 380mm Digital Finishing Machine

Metas 380mm is the only one on the market so compact and efficient machine prepared for the finishing of digitally printed labels. It is equipped with a rotary
flexo unit with an independent control panel for printing and varnishing (UV LED drying system). Thanks to the lamination unit it is possible
to do all kinds of lamination and cold foil (registration control from Mitsubishi Electric). Semi-rotary dies cutting unit equipped with servo
register systems from Mitsubishi Electric enables die cutting in registration of preprinted labels with mark with speed with up to 100 m/min. The machine
is also equipped with a shear-cutting unit for slitting, a single shaft servo-driven rewinder, and a camera for visual inspection.

Min. Web Width380mm
Max. Substrate Thickness self-adhesive labels:50 μm – 200 μm
Max. Mechanical Speed160 m/min
Max. Printing Speed120 m/min
Max. Die Cutting Speed160 m/min
Max. Die Cutting Speed to Register100 m/min
Rewound roll diameter650 mm
Max. Unwind Roll Weight 650 mm
Slitting methodsshear , crush cut
Max. Semi Rotary Speed100 m/min
Voltage Supplyfrequency: 3 x 400V / 50 Hz
Air Requirement~6 m3/h ; 0,6 mp

• max. web’s width: 380 mm
• material type: paper, foil (PP, PVC, PET), self-adhesives
• material thickness: 50 μm – 200 μm
• max. mechanical speed: 160 m/min
• max. printing speed: 120 m/min
• max. die cutting speed (semi-rotary): 100 m/min
• power supply voltage/frequency: 3 x 400V / 50 Hz
• installed power: ~18 kW
• max. unwinding roll’s diameter: 650 mm
• max. rewinding roll’s diameter: 650 mm
• max. roll’s weight: 140 kg
• corona treater
• electronic web guide system from BST International
• fully equipped rotary flexo unit with servo register system and
UV LED dryer
• lamination unit for all types of laminations and cold foil
• semi-rotary die-cutting unit
• matrix rewinder for rolls up to 500 mm diameter
• pneumatically clamped slitting unit