Metas 1 + Series + Flexo

Metas 1 Series  + is a Modular digital finishing machine that runs in rotary and semi-rotary mode. Semi-rotary for short runs and full rotary for high speed longer runs. The register tolerance is maintained during acceleration, deceleration and production time due to the latest servo technology. Metas + is equipped with servo-driven compensator system which provides superior web tension control when the machine is running in semi-rotary mode.
The machine is equipped with electronic web guide, from BST, 2 interchangeable pneumatic rewinders of 25, 40 and 76 mm, (1”, 1.5”, 3”), 6 sets of circular knives, adjustable splice table with pneumatic clamps, internal air circuit. Custom made accordingly to customer needs, it can be added optional equipment or other solutions to meet your requirements. Depending on the needs of the customer, optional equipment or other solutions can be added to meet your needs as the
machine is modular.