Metas 1-SERIES® + 330mm Semi-Rotary Digital Finishing System 13"

The Metas 1-SERIES® + Label Finisher sets a new standard for affordable, efficient label finishing. Constructed from the same quality components as industry-leading finishers, the Metas 1-SERIES®+provides consistent and reliable label finishing for a fraction of the cost. The Metas 1-SERIES® + is designed for both experienced and first-time operators, making it the perfect solution for any business.

Width of converted material330mm 13"
Min. Web Width51 mm (2 in)
Max. Substrate Thickness self-adhesive labels:thickness 50 g/m2 – 250 g/m2
Max. Mechanical Speed30.48 mpm 100 fpm.
Max. Die Cutting Speed30.48 mpm 100 fpm.
Max. Die Cutting Speed to Register30.48 mpm 100 fpm.
Parent roll diameter457mm 18”
Rewound roll diameter635mm 25”
Max. Unwind Roll Weight68kg 150 Lbs.
Laminating Roll Size431mm 17"
Magnetic cylinder Size635 mm (25 in)
Slitting methodsMechanical Crush Slitting is removable) (three knifes)
Max. Semi Rotary Speed30.48 mpm 100 fpm.
Max. Full Rotary Speed91.44 mpm 300 fpm
Fully automatic web tension controlFull tension control with drive motor
Voltage Supply205 - 240 3 phase
Air Requirement7-8 bar
ID of parent roll core457mm 18"
Web guideLatest Electronic web guide with ultrasonic sensor.
Splicing table for parent rollsSplicing table for parent rolls
PLC controllerMotor drive with AC motors
ID of parent roll core457mm 18"
ID of finished reel core76mm (3”)