Langer-d Foil and Label Rewinder

The Langer-d is a fast and effecting die cutting rewinder. Its compact design allows it to
fit into any space. This rewinder can be equipped with an inspection camera or a second rewind station. Full tension control allows any operator to reach the perfect tension for any reel. With an excellent price and high quality, the Langer-d is the perfect choice for any label manufacturer.

Min. Slitting Width15 mm (0.59 in)
LCD touch screen Touch screen panel
splicing Block Pneumatic splicing table
Web guideWeb guide
Splicing table for parent rollsSplicing table for parent rolls
Web Widths380 14.96"/450mm 17.72"
Min. Slit Width15mm 0.59"
Unwind Roll Diameter800mm 31.50"
Rewind Roll Diameter40015.75" /500mm19.69"
Air Pressure7-8 Bars
Unwind Core76mm 3"
Rewind Core diameter1”, 40mm, 50mm, 70mm, 3", 120mm, 6"
Processed Materialself-adhesive paper and foil labels, blank and preprinted labels
Mechanical speed350m/min.1148.29 ft/min
Type of rewinding shaftsAir Shaft
Slitting methodShear razor blade
Tension controlFully automatic web tension control
Motors Servo driven unwind and rewind
CE certifiedCE Certified
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