Langer 3 High performance slitter-rewinder for flexible packaging materials,

The Langer 3 is a rewinder designated to slit and rewind tension sensitive liner-less labels, self-adhesive labels, wrap around labels, and other monofilms. It can also handle pharma labels and aluminum films. World class mechanical engineering combined with advanced software has resulted in a design to slit and inspect various labels. The utilization of high quality components has resulted in unrivaled productivity and speeds up to 500 m per min.

power requirementsVoltage: 400 V,3 phase,50 Hz
Web Widths380/14.96"450 17.72 /510 20.08" / 600mm 23.62
Min. Slit Width15mm 0.59"
Unwind Roll Diameter800 11.81"/ 1016mm 40"
Rewind Roll Diameter400 15.75 / 600mm 23.62
Air Pressure7- 9 Bars
Power RequirementsVoltage: 400 V,3 phase,50 Hz
Unwind Core76 mm 3"
Rewind Core diameter1 ", 40mm, 50mm, 70mm, 3", 120mm, 6 "
Processed Materialpharmaceutical labels, wraps, linerless labels, aluminum labels, laminates, paper
Mechanical speed500m / min.1640.42 fpm
Type of rewinding shaftsair shaft at the unwind 76mm (3"), max roll dimeter 800mm (31.5”)
Slitting methodShear Razor Blade Crush Knief
Tension controlfully automatic tension control
Type of unwinderair shaft at the unwind 76mm (3"), max roll dimeter 800mm (31.5”)
CE certified CE certified
Remote Servicemodem for remount control
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