METAS SERIES® 508mm 20" Semi-Rotary Digital Finishing System

High-Performance Machine for Slitting, rewinding, and die-cutting of self=-adhesive labels.

Width of converted materialmax 508mm (20”)
Min. Web Width508 mm 20"
Max. Substrate Thickness self-adhesive labels: thickness 50 g/m2 – 250 g/m2
Max. Mechanical Speedmax 350 m/min (1148 ft/min) when full rotary
Max. Die Cutting Speedmax 50m/min (160 ft/min) in semi-rotation
Max. Die Cutting Speed to Registermax 50m/min (160 ft/min) in semi-rotation
Parent roll diametermax 800mm (31,5”)
Rewound roll diametermax 500mm (19,7”) with one rewinding
Laminating Roll Size508mm (20”)
Slitting methodsrotary knives
Max. Semi Rotary Speedmax 50m/min (160 ft/min) in semi-rotation
Max. Full Rotary Speedmax 350 m/min (1148 ft/min)
Fully automatic web tension controlMotor drive with AC motors
Air Requirement 7-8 bar
ID of parent roll core76mm (3”)
Machine with conformity to CE regulationsCE regulations
Web guideWeb guide
Splicing table for parent rollsSplicing table for parent rolls
ID of parent roll core76mm (3”)
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