Rotary Die Cutting 280mm 330mm

It is the best option for simple label production, due to its ergonomic
design. Both die-cutting units are equipped with servo register systems from
Mitsubishi Electric enables die cutting in the registration of preprinted
labels with a mark with speeds up to 160 m/min. The second die-cutting unit is
modified and prepared to be used for both: die-cutting and sheeting.
Machine control is conducted by a microprocessor controller with a 7-inch
color display. The machine is equipped also with a web straightening device,
a back scoring unit for liner slitting, a shear cutting unit for slitting, and a single
shaft servo-driven rewinder.

• max. web’s width: 280 / 330 mm
• material type: paper, foil (PP, PVC, PET), self-adhesives
• material thickness: 50 μm – 200 μm
• max. mechanical speed: 220 m/min
• power supply voltage / frequency: 3 x 400V / 50 Hz
• installed power: ~4 kW
• max. unwinding roll’s diameter: 750 mm
• max. rewinding roll’s diameter: up to 600 mm
• max. roll’s weight on unwinder: 120 kg
• electronic web guide system
• shear cutting slitting unit
• single shaft rewinding unit
• Web straightening device
• back scorer unit for liner slitting
• single rotary die-cutting unit
• second die-cutting unit
• servo register system for preprinted labels die cutting
• different matrix rewinder (standard, servo driven, “snowball” type, etc.)
• razor blade or crush cutting knives slitting unit
• different rewinding unit (double shaft / semi-turret – also servo driven)