Enco Laminating Machine

Working speed is electronically adjustable up to 7 meters/minute. The standard machine is equipped with only the heating of the upper and lower rollers. As an option, it is possible to add thermo-plates that allow the preheating of the film, used in particular for digital toner printing. The heating is regulated by separate thermostats that allow the setting of the individual working temperatures from 0 to 160 ° C, both of the rollers and of the plates. Equipped with two adjustable output blades that allow the side trimming of the sheet. Collection of automatic reel trimming.

The PLAST 52 can work on two sides at the same time or, if required, on one side only. The standard machine is equipped with a perforation unit that allows the separation of the sheets in manual or automatic with the use of our separation unit SCORPION 52 art 856. It can mount two reels up to 1500 m. each, with film thicknesses ranging from 25 to 250 microns.

The electronics of the machine are already set up to be connected also at a later time to all our feeders and to the separation unit. All the functions of PLAST 52 are controlled by a computer with a digital display.

cutting accuracy approx.Full electronic control: the passage of the sheets is sensed by a photocell which pilots the cutting operation according to parameters set by the operator on the digital control panel. Cutting precision to 0.1 mm
Die Machine Cutting MaterialAs standard the machine is equipped with a perforating group allowing the manual separation of the sheets; the adding of our SCORPION 52 art. 856 separator unit will make this operation automatic.
Cut sheet Finishing Frequency 50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz
Cut sheet Finishing option FeedersAtlantis Predator FR
Cut sheet Finishing Power supply data 240 V single-phase
Cut Sheet Finishing Working width (mm)520 mm
Cut Sheet Finishing Min – max paper weight (gsm)25 to 250 microns.
Cut Sheet Finishing Max working speed (m/min)7 meters / minute
Unwind DiameterTwo reels of 1500 m/each, film thickness 25 to 250 micron
Control systemThe heating is controlled by separate thermostats enabling to set each single working temperature, both for rollers and for plates, ranging from 0 to 160° C