Cutter-A Automatic Core Cutter dust-free technology

The Cutter-A is a technologically advanced core cutter designed to automatically cut cardboard cores. This model has been designed to minimize core slit time. An operator inserts the required dimensions and quantity of cores to be cut on the touch screen panel, and then loads the parent cores. The cores are loaded on the machine one by one automatically, and they are cut into the requested lengths.

Core Cutter Power Supply220 3 Phase Motor
Core Cutter Air6 Bar
Core Sizes ModelCATER-A
Core Cutter Cutting ThicknessMax. wall thickness: 15mm
Core Cutter Adaptor for different Sizes1" ID anvil 1,5" ID anvil 2" ID anvil 3" ID anvil 4" ID anvil 5" ID anvil 6" ID anvil 8" ID anvil
Internal diameter rangeInner Diameter Range: 70mm 1 "-8 "
Min.cutting lengthMin.cutting length 10mm
Max. input thimble length2000/2500/3000 / 3500mm
Material Thickness Up to 15mm depending on diameter .05
Source of Electricity220 3 phase Motor
Air Supply6 Bar
Control Console4.3"
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