AVANCER - duplex compact turret slitter

AVANCER is an automatic double turret slitter with four rewinding shafts and an integrated unwind
station designed for increased productivity and low production downtime. The combination of local
engineering and high-class German components has resulted in outstanding solutions. The slitter is built
accordingly to traditional Jurmet solid and robust construction standards. Numerous proven solutions
applied in AVANCER slitter are designed to ease operational and maintenance high degree of flexibility.

Web Widths1000/1300/1600mm
Min.Web Width300mm
Min. Slit Width50mm/25mm option
Unwind Roll Diameter1000mm
Rewind Roll Diameter600mm
Air Pressure 7-8 bar
Max. Lift Weight1500kg
Unwind Core 70mm, 3" / 6"
Rewind Core diameter 70mm, 3" / 6"
Processed Materialprinted / unprinted foils (PE, PP, PA, PS, PET and other), paper, metalised films, laminates, labelstock films, alu films
Mechanical speed max 1968 ft/min. (600 m/min)
Type of rewinding shaftsFriction clutches of different sizes:Hard steel core shaft with OD 60 mm
Slitting methodpneumatic knives set in manual way
Tension controlDancing roller,
Core materialCardboard
Type of unwinderShaft-less unwind for ID core 3” (76mm)
Inner dimeter of finished reels3” (76mm)
DrivesMotor control (frequency inverters) SSD Drives (Eurotherm
Motors SSD Drives (Eurotherm)
HMI Omron
CE certifiedThe slitter is manufactured according to European norms of safety regarding electric and mechanical European norms (CE mark)
Remote ServiceModem for remount service

We build high-class slitters and rewinders
for flexible materials, especially for
packaging industry.We specialize in secondary slitting*.