KRAFTER slitter is designed to slit and rewind paper and non woven Materials

KRAFTER – compact mono shaft slitter for paper The KRAFTER slitter preserves the same job parameters independently of the speed. Separate motors on unwind and rewind, precision tension control, and solid construction allow a stable and break-free job. Whereas mechanic wears out is reduced to the minimum thanks to appealing high-class mechanical parts.

Parent roll diameter2500kg (for shaftless unwind)
Web WidthsPaper 1000 349.37" /145057.09 "/1600mm 62.99 "
Min.Web Widthmin. 350mm
Min. Slit Width min 2” (50mm)
Unwind Roll Diameter1300 51.18 "/1500mm 59.06"
Rewind Roll Diameter1300mm 51.18"
Max. Lift Weight2500kg (for shaftless unwind)
Unwind Core76.2mm3", 6"152.4"
Processed Material paper substance 70g/m² - 300g/m²
Mechanical speed max 2625 ft/min (800 m/min)
Type of rewinding shaftsshaftless unwind)
Slitting methodShear knives slitting (upper knife+ lower knife) – slitting in air, pneumatic knives from Dienes
Tension controlestimated staring tension 1200N/m (the tension decreases according to increase of rewound diameter)
Core materialcardboard
Type of unwinder Shaftless unwind (included
Motors Supported unwind including a braking-feeding motor
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We build high-class slitters and rewinders
for flexible materials, especially for
packaging industry.
We specialize in secondary slitting*.